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Contributions are welcome and really appreciated.


If you are unsure how to fix an issue you find, please log an issue in the project repository.

Environment Setup

Estrade is dockerized, so the only requirements are Docker and Docker-Compose.


# clone repository
$ git clone
$ make init

That's it.


  1. Start a new branch : git checkout -b <branch_name>
  2. Edit code

Before commiting

  • Format your code with make format.
  • Review documentation with make docs-serve (use docker inspect to find the ip where the doc is exposed locally.)
  • Apply pre-commits with make pre-commit


  • Check that the tests are passing : make test
  • Check that the style is valid: make style
  • Check that doc can be properly build: make docs
  • Check that pre-commit updates were applied: make pre-commit-check


You can run call checks at once with make ci


If you are unsure about how to fix a failing check, don't worry, we'll be happy to help you during the code review.

Commit messages

Commit message must follow the conventional commit specification.


During developement you are highly incited to use fixups:

    $ git commit --fixup=<commit to fixup SHA>