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Estrade: Trading bot manager

Estrade is a python library that allows you to easily backtest and run stock trading strategies.

Estrade focus on providing tools so you mainly focus on your strategy definition.


  • Estrade provides a market environnement, so you do not have to worry about
  • Trades result calculation
  • Candle Graph building
  • Indicators calculation
  • Estrade allows you to define your strategies based on market events (new tick received, new candle created)
  • Estrade allows you to create your own data providers to generate ticks data and manage trades (open/close)
  • Estrade allows you to create your own indicators
  • Estrade allows you to create your own reporting

What Estrade does NOT provides

  • Data: You have to define your own data provider (live or static)
  • Strategies: Although some very basic (and useless) strategies are provided as examples in samples, Estrate does not provide any financially relevant strategy.